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References from our clients

Many leading transport companies in both the temperature-controlled and non- temperature-controlled sectors experience the benefits of T Comm Telematics. Our innovative telematics system increases and guarantees the quality of their services, optimises processes and fleet deployment and eliminates inefficiency.

Bentvelzen Transport: “We always have an explanation for temperature changes”.

Anemone Horsetrucks: No messing around with cables and less chance of problems!

Van Os Transport: “Last-minute planning through insight into trailer locations”.

Full control over transports Van der Valk Exclusief with online temperature monitoring

Medispace: ‘T Comm Telematics listens, improves and prevents unnecessary losses’.

Jooren Transporten: “The web portal of T Comm Telematics is very clear”.

Optimal temperature of ultra-fresh products with online monitoring

Van Dalen Koel- en Vriestransport very pleased with temperature registration

H.Z. Transport Group opts for real-time monitoring of 200 trailers

GETRU: ‘Direct insight into the status of all your vehicles’

Quality management of day-old chicks and hatching eggs in the Chickliner fleet

Planners of Jonker & Schut control the fleet in one screen

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