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Dijco: “T Comm Telematics is the market leader in trailer telematics for a reason”.

Egbert van Alphen, General Manager Dijco (part of The Greenery):

‘’We have been working with T Comm Telematics for four years. Not without reason, they are market leader and are well known among fellow transporters. Moreover, the systems of T Comm Telematics are very easy to link to other systems we have.’’


Advanced transport solutions

‘’When we started working with T Comm Telematics, the teething problems had already been solved. We are therefore dealing with a mature product. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. A good entrepreneur keeps developing, also T Comm Telematics. They keep coming up with progressive solutions for transport, such as a telematics app.’’

Input and commitment very high

“Michael and his team do their utmost to keep delivering the best product. You notice this in the effort and commitment of all employees. In contrast to similar manufacturers, T Comm Telematics looks at their product from the consumer’s point of view. In our case from the perspective of the providers of conditioned transport. You can clearly see that it has been thought up by people who work with these kinds of systems every day. It just works!”

Positive experiences with alleged food damage “We only see benefits from the T Comm Telematics product. We also have positive experiences with alleged damage. We can quickly see where the problem has arisen and where the fault lies if there are problems with our cargo.”

dijco vrachtwagen

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