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Experience the value of innovative telematics

Why T Comm Telematics

In a rapildy changing logistics world, flexibility and agility are essential to be successfull. With our passion for Transport and Logistics we want to help eliminating inefficiency by making Internet of Trailer data actionable. In our vision: IoT means Internet of Trailers!

Our verified online ‘Internet of Trailer solution’, consisting of hardware and wireless sensors, makes all relevant data actionable on our user-friendly backend platform. T Comm Telematics allows you to work with all relevant data of your valuable transport solutions.

Our value proposal:

  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Demonstrable load and vehicle safety
  • Ensure relevant data from Cargo and Cargo Carrier

Many leading transport and warehouse companies, both in conditioned and non-conditioned sector, experience already the advantages of T Comm Telematics. You can prove and guarantee the quality of your services, give added value to your clients and in the meantime optimize your process.

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Do you want to be successful in telematics?

Our solutions

Trailer tracking software with wireless measurement and registration

Trailer track main module

Determine location of trailers 24/7 and gather all EBS data

Wireless temperature sensor

Real-time monitoring of temperatures

Wireless door sensor

Real-time monitoring of your door status

Wireless fuel level sensor

Optimising fuel consumption, preventing theft and dry running

ACT Platform

This is how it works


Wireless sensors provide 24/7 visibility and insight into critical success indicators.


All relevant data is available real-time and online on the ACT platform and via proactive reporting and visualizations.


Relevant data and visualised points for improvement and action in readable reports stimulate thinking.


Making operational, tactical and strategic decisions based on data: DO IT!

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Featured reference

G. Willigenburg: ”T Comm allows us to give the ideal picture to the customer”