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Our sensors ensure perfect registratione

T Comm Telematics has already equipped thousands of trailers and load carriers, both conditioned and non-conditioned, with our certified wireless sensors. These include temperature, door, chiller on/off sensors, chiller run time sensors, TPMS, EBS, fuel and humidity sensors. You decide which sensors you want to use for a perfect registration and control of your transport or warehouse needs.


Wireless sensors

Door sensor

Real-time monitoring of your door status

Temperature sensor

Real-time monitoring of temperatures

Fuel level sensor

Optimising fuel consumption, preventing theft and dry running

Truck-ID sensor

Direct connections and activities between tractor and trailer

Pharma sensor

0.1ºC accurate sensors

TPMS / Tyre pressure sensor

Immediate insight into tyre pressure deviations

Reefer on/off sensor

With automatic alarms

Reefer running hours sensor

For running hours and service

Tailgate sensor

Real-time monitoring of your tail gate status

Humidity sensor

Special sensor for humidity sensitive products such as chocolate, Pharma and art

Light sensor

Detecting light, e.g. to prevent theft

Vibration sensor

Accurate reproduction of vibrations when using motors and materials
EBS Sensor

EBS sensor

All relevant EBS data insightful.

Trailer track main module

Determine location of trailers 24/7 and gather all EBS data

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ACT Platform

This is how it works


Wireless sensors provide 24/7 visibility and insight into critical success indicators.


All relevant data is available real-time and online on the ACT platform and via proactive reporting and visualizations.


Relevant data and visualised points for improvement and action in readable reports stimulate thinking.


Making operational, tactical and strategic decisions based on data: DO IT!

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