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Jooren Transporten: “The web portal of T Comm Telematics is very clear”.

Jan Jooren, owner Jooren Transporten:

“In the field of temperature registration of trailers we have considered three major parties. In consultation with Detailresult Group and Bentvelzen Transport we unanimously went for T Comm Telematics. The portal of T Comm Telematics was the deciding factor. It is a very convenient and clear web portal.”


Wireless trailer temperature monitoring

“The other two parties offer wired systems. The fact that T Comm Telematics has a wireless temperature sensor is ideal. We didn’t have to make any cable ducts in our trailers.”

Trailer load monitoring 24/7

“We used to work with data loggers. A mobile device with which we randomly measured the temperature. Now we can monitor our cargo much better. Our products are monitored 24/7, so we always know the condition of our cargo.”

Reliable trailer tracking software

“The temperature monitoring system meets all expectations. We have been working with it since 2017 and so far it has proved to be a very reliable system. We rarely have any malfunctions. I can highly recommend T Comm Telematics to anyone working with conditioned transport.” “We want to link the temperature systems to our Transport Management System in the future. We also want a link to the cooling engine, so that we also know the set temperature. T Comm Telematics can do all that too.”

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