Transport Logistics: 9 to 12 May, 2023 |  Hall A3 Stand 329/428  |  Messe München (DE)

Hessing Logistiek

Marcel Vermeulen, Operations Manager Hessing Logistics:

“The vegetables we transport are vulnerable and temperature sensitive. For IFS and HACCP this must be ensured and be visible at all times.
Also because of customer requirements we use the temperature tracking system from T Comm Telematics.”

“We used to do that by hand and on loose sheets. You can imagine that we were mostly behind the times. This is now arranged in an Excel environment. T Comm Telematics has recorded this on their ACTT platform. We get a printout of the alarm, what the cause was and what the follow-up was. That works faster and more accurately, of course.

Monitoring fuel levels of chillers

“If the cooling engine fails, the temperature of the car and products rises incredibly quickly. It is very important to ensure that the cooling engine continues to run for the fuel level. We guarantee that we have set the cooling engine to a lower value of 20 litres. It consumes 2 litres per hour, so you could run a full shift on that fuel.”

Registration of door openings

“The Food Defence standard is getting higher and higher with regards to food safety and peripheral areas around warehouses. If you are malicious then with minimal resources you can cause damage to an employer by contaminating thousands of food trays. By reporting door openings and the ‘history’ of openings, we can anticipate this and make adjustments to our process where necessary.”

“The accessibility of the employees and the way they think along is at a good level at T Comm Telematics. I dare to stick my neck out and recommend this to everyone in the transport world.”

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