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H.Z. Transport Group opts for real-time monitoring of 200 trailers

H.Z. Transport Group from Maasdijk has placed an order at the Carrosserie Vakdagen in Gorinchem for the real-time monitoring of 200 trailers (120 mono temperature and 80 multi temperature trailers) with wireless T Comm systems. With this unique system, H.Z. Transport Group can wirelessly monitor all temperatures in the trailers, even those with multiple compartments. As soon as a temperature falls outside the specified range, an alarm is triggered and immediate action can be taken.

The system also wirelessly registers when and how long the doors are open. This provides insight into undesired door openings and allows action to be taken. A wireless ID sensor also provides insight into which truck is in front of which trailer, so that trailers can never be taken by the wrong truck. Real-time reports of the measurements can be printed out and sent digitally up to six months back.

H.Z. Transport can also be the first and for the time being exclusive user of a wireless fuel level sensor in the tank of the cooling unit, so that the office can see how much fuel is going into the tank and what is going out. The innovative wireless fuel measuring system, which was developed in cooperation with H.Z. Transport Group, measures with 2% accuracy how much fuel is leaving the tank. If more than 10 litres are leaking in a short space of time, an alarm is generated. H.Z. Transport Group can thus intervene immediately and prevent fuel theft.

Digital temperature report to the customer

The order that H.Z. Transport Group places at the Carrosserie Vakdagen in Gorinchem amounts to more than 350,000 euros. An amount that H.Z. Transport is investing to offer its customers absolute added value. The payback period will be relatively short since H.Z. Transport can immediately offer its customers a digital temperature report. H.Z. Transport also expects to be able to use the system to support the growing number of customers. Transport also expects to use the system to tackle the growing problem of fuel theft. The investment is in line with the company’s philosophy of ‘Always in Condition’.

Audrey Zuiderwijk, managing director H.Z. Transport Group: “H.Z. Transport has been working with the wireless system of T Comm Telematics on our 45ft containers for 4 years. The system has functioned to full satisfaction in recent years, especially since T Comm Telematics listens to the customer and develops the best solution together with us.”

Short installation time of 1 to 1.5 hours The T Comm system is completely wireless and has an installation time of only 1 to 1.5 hours. The system also works without any tools in the metal trailers from Schmitz and Krone. The proprietary wireless sensors measure completely independently of the refrigeration unit, which is necessary because the sensors of the refrigeration unit cannot measure independently and therefore do not comply with the legislation.

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