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Detailresult, the result of a merger of the supermarket chains DekaMarkt and Dirk van den Broek, supplies 200 own stores nationwide. To guarantee the quality of the fresh products, it is necessary to transport the cargo from the warehouse to the supermarket under the right conditions. Detailtresult Group has therefore chosen T Comm Telematics to get even more insight and control over their cold chain.

Separate compartments

With a fleet of 55 trucks and trailers of our own and cooperation with external transporters, efficient planning is essential. Supermarkets want a wide choice of distinctive and high-quality fresh products. That makes it a complex logistical puzzle. “For this reason, we deploy the most flexible trailers. This way, we are able to transport various product groups to the branch”, says Obbe Bangma, Logistics Project Leader at Detailresult Group.

The right conditions

The requirements for the transport of fresh products are becoming increasingly stringent. The transport conditions from warehouse to supermarket are therefore monitored by the temperature registration system of T Comm Telematics. Through the convenient web portal, Detailresult has real-time insight into the temperature and transport condition of the cargo in the various compartments. Bangma: “Our cooling machine supplier Thermoking has realised a link with the T Comm web portal, so the set temperature, the running hours of the cooling machines and the defrost time are visible, among other things. This way, we have all data available in one place. This provides much more insight and enables us to respond quickly to any changes in temperature.”

For optimal temperature control, it is measured per compartment. The reports are immediately available. “We use these reports to enrich various other temperature measurements that we carry out, for example checks at product level, with the data from the trailer. That way we can oversee the entire chain,” says Bangma.

Ease of use

As well as the temperature, the T Comm system also records the door openings and locations of the trailers. The data is displayed in a clear web portal. Bangma: “The ease of use of the portal played a major role in our choice of system. We noticed a lot of flexibility at T Comm and our wish, for example, to have insight into the setting temperature of the cooling machines, was also quickly met. The lines of communication are short and there is a lot of knowledge in house. That makes the cooperation with T Comm very pleasant.”

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