Transport Logistics: 9 au 12 mai 2023 |  Salle A3 Stand 329/428  |  Messe München (DE)

Gilbert de Clercq

Sven Beeusaert, CTO Gilbert de Clercq:

« We have been using the trailer telematics systems from T Comm Telematics for six months now. Especially because of the wireless truck-trailer link. That way we know exactly who is driving our trailers. »

« We work a lot with entrepreneurs. It is very helpful for our planning to know exactly which subcontractor is driving where with the trailer location determination. That saves us a lot of money. »

ACT platform works fully automatically and is very intuitive

« We used to have a manual system. Working with it was quite difficult. Now everything is fully automatic. The ACTT platform also works extremely well. It is clear and very user-friendly. It is an intuitive system. You don’t have to learn to work with it, because it is very clearly structured. »

« Plus point: T Comm Telematics has a proven link with Trimble »

« We compared several providers of trailer telematics with each other. T Comm Telematics has a link to Trimble’s FleetCockpit. This saves a lot of time and energy in development. Our priority is that the planners can follow all their trucks and trailers in one portal, the Trimble portal. For this, it is of course important to have a good and reliable link between both systems. »

« With T Comm Telematics we communicate very openly. They immediately set to work on the work points we give them. They are very specialised in conditioned transport, but I would recommend them to anyone who works with transport. »

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